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Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor
  (Research & Innovation)

As one Malaysia's premier universities, UPM has a long and illustrious history for advocating and nurturing the nation's research and innovation impetus. By ensuring and fostering a space for borderless intellectual inquiry, UPM has laid the essential foundation to create sterling research and innovation wonders, which is directly overseen by UPM's Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation).

Under the auspices of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, the office assists UPM in all its efforts to advance knowledge and learning through the provision of all the necessary methodologies and constructs to ensure quality research, innovation and commercialisation outputs.

Prof. Dato' Dr. Husaini Omar
Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Tel : 03-8947 1002
Email :

Mrs. Hasmah Hamid
Tel : 03-8947 1002
E-mel :

Mr. Mohammad Fakarrudeen Zulkifli
Assistant Registrar / Special Officer
Tel : +603-8947 1603
Emel :

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